Thursday, 29 March 2012


So after two wonderful and relaxing days after my Viva (which went pretty well I think), I've been thinking up some ideas to better enhance my level, namely the assets and symbols in the level that can help the players solve the puzzle.
My main and probably only puzzle is 'find a key, unlock the door'. Which I admit is very basic and boring. The only thing I have going for it is to make the keys and doors look 'pretty'. I thought of other things like themes behind rooms- which would contain the next key to the next room.
I've put together a sort-of moodboard to help me decide on these little themes:

There cartoon ones, short, long, bulky, symbolic, gothic, eccentric, bold and even simple types. I personally really dig the gothic kind, but I think I want to try bring them out, so combining them with a cartoon look should do the trick. Think Kingdom Hearts only not as cartoony!


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