Monday, 19 March 2012

Asset Modelling/Texturing Crazy

In preparation for a good second Viva, I've been busting my bottom to get these out as quickly while trying to maintain the quality I try to stand by at all times. It was difficult trying to cut my time, unfortunately I hate it when things aren't as perfect as I wanted them to be, so these are rough- but I'm not done with them yet! I will continue to modify and improve and model more for the final Viva.
Standard Door  Tris: 684
Simple Lamp  Tris: 296
Trap Chandelier  Tris: 1424
Cupid Bracket  Tris: 196
Victorian Frame 01  Tris: 878
Victorian Frame 02  Tris: 166
Morbid Mermaid Candle Holder  Tris: 734

I actually have more models to texture (it's been a very productive weekend), but that will be updated tomorrow.

More to come soon, these will be the last of the batch:
Arm Chair
Victorian Frame 03
Simple chair
Simple Bed
Door Frame
Book case


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