Monday, 5 March 2012

Rigged & UV unwrapped Monster

Over the weekend I've been finishing the model for my monster, retouching pieces and unwrapping it. It's ready to be textured.

Texture UV

Rig and light map UVs on the right.
Today I went to FADE to get some advice and help from Ed about custom animations, particularly an animation for the 'Use' function when pressing 'E' on the keyboard. Unfortunately after many hours of trying there wasn't much luck, I believe it has something to do with where I extend my classes from in my CustomPawn.
FullBodySlot for use animation, work in progress...

However I at least manage to import my monster's skeletal mesh and spawn the NPC. It works as it did two months ago, thankfully. All that's needed is to attach some kind of KillVolume to simulate instant death at encounter.

Attempting to attach a kill volume on the NPC... it didn't go quite to plan, it was the NPC that de-spawned when it hit the main character.
So far here's what I have, the animations on Cecilia are almost final, and the monster's AI & Controller classes need tweaking to get it's AnimTree to work. I'm not sure why there is a navmesh problem just yet, but it seems to be fine on a fresh level. In the worst case I'll have to rebuild my Maze from bottom up.


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