I graduated with a 1st Class Honors Degree in (BA) Creative Computer Games Design, this blog was dedicated to my final major project: Dissonance.

It documents the process of the design and production of an interactive game for a final major project. The game is merely a demo and is incomplete but serves as something that will help pitch a game concept.

There are plenty of work in progress posts, since I naturally came across problems that needed addressing with the rest of my class. To skip to the better parts, there are tabs above and a category list to the right to sift through to the desired categories (or you could just use the tags to the right).

Concept of Game
Dissonance was my final major project (2011-12), and the aim was to create a single-player survival-horror game set in a maze. Most of the game play involves collecting items, solving puzzles/unlocking doors, and avoiding a monster lurks in the maze. The idea was inspired by Amnesia's eerie dungeon atmosphere and PacMan's maze chasing ghosts.

The main character Cecilia wakes up in an unfamiliar place, and she must find her way out. She will come across maze after maze in the hopes of finding an exit. These mazes will each have its own unique theme and monster (with different mechanics and way of avoiding). While she is trapped in a maze she encounters obstacles in her path (e.g. fallen debris, hole in the path, or even a monster obstructing the way) that will force the player to choose a different root or find a way across. Sometimes there will be locked doors that need items, and sometimes to get those items you must solve puzzles. The puzzles involve combining items that fit together to form a key (for the door) or imputing the correct sequence to a special lock.

The whole story is set in a supernatural-horror scene (somewhat inspired by Alice: Madness), where not much makes sense- environments will look half organic (bloody/rusty) and half industrial/medical depending on the Maze.

Possible Storyline
[Suggestions for change welcomed]
Cecilia's personality and life was fairly average- living the grand life of an aristocrat, there wasn't really much to be worried about. In a dusky town like [English town name], many things went unnoticed. Things always went to plan, and if it didn't, her family's wealth could easily sway others to do the dirty job.

She had only just turned nineteen and for her birthday her parents had set up a date with their close friend's son- who mostly concerned himself with his looks and own needs.
It was a dark afternoon when Cecilia hopped on the carriage that would take her to her date. Her parents unenthusiastically waved farewell, while the horse galloped away.

It is unfortunate that tonight she was traveling alone. It is also unfortunate that in the past her family's wealth had managed to disrupt the life of another. To the point that one would want revenge....

  • Menu Systems
  • Dolls
  • More wall/floor textures
  • More lighting/Lamps
  • Mirrors
  • Cages
  • Light switch
Improvements To:
  • In-game sounds
  • Blood spatter



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