Friday, 2 March 2012

Problems 101!

Floating Character
I double checked that my pivots were at the feet of the model: the pivot of all the meshes, the character reference, but not the skeleton itself. I think this has a lot to do with why Cecilia is floating. But others have managed this perfectly fine the way it was. I haven't put an animation on Cecilia yet and may do this before solving my floating problem.

It seems to look fine in the udk skeletal mesh viewer. I had opted for the option of changing the origin but it was already at ' Z= -50', I set it to 'Z= -80' and it looks fine but now the camera is too high. So there are a few things I must consider before looking into this problem. I will come back to it soon.

I'm beginning to think this is not a model/skeleton problem but maybe a setting in udk.

Dynamic Lighting
As well as this I have turned on dynamic lighting, but it causes a very harsh and black shadow on my character. My scripts also allow the dynamic shading but I'm unsure as to how to change the colour of the shadow so that it won't be as dark..

The Infamous FBX Problem
I've finally witnessed this irregular and quite illogical problem. The class have been going on about this interesting quirk with the FBX exporter. It seems after I tried applying an actual animation in the UDK editor, my model screwed up. This is a paint weights problem, and here's the kicker... you cannot save in a session of painting weights to your character in Maya before exporting. Yes, that is the problem solver. To make sure this worked, I quickly rebound my character to the skeleton and exported it, as you can see from the second image below, the animation and mesh are running smoothly without problems.


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