Monday, 12 March 2012

Nav Mesh and Step sound trouble

I've progressed a lot, but it seems these two things are something that should be easy but are not for the reason that, I've got a crap load of code already and I don't know how to get it working with new code.

Mougli's Navigational Mesh tutorial
This guy Mougli is no doubt brilliant, but his code is something I would have to try and literally integrate with my own.

The customAIPawn is fine, but the customAIController is hard to impliment, here is Mougli's:

My dilemma is I don't know how to integrate his code into my own. I've tried many things, but alas I don't have enough scripting/code knowledge to do this.
Here is my code, you can see I've started to put in some code, I already have and Idle and Chase state though, and all the inner workings of the speed/velocity of the monster to player. However instead of using this odd 'Go to begin' method, I applied it per 'Tick' which is like a refresh, and probably considered a more stable method (as told by a programmer).

Footsteps trouble shoot thread
The guy who started the thread has solved his problems but I don't know what he means when he explains:
 "Got it working, it seems like the footstep animnotify calls PlayFootStepSound(); already, so all I had to do was setup the playsound functions, and the footstep notify in the Animset."


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