Saturday, 10 March 2012

Physics and Death Animation

Physics Asset tweaking. I originally wanted a death animation, but somehow I'm finding the Physics Asset editor to be quite amusing.

Tutorial by a Really Chilled Out Dude

Applying Ragdoll on Death

After quite a bit of googling, I managed to stumbled upon a string of links that helped me simulate a function in my customPawn class to allow for a ragdoll effect on death. I'm extending from UDKPawn, according to the poster of the thread, much of the code comes from UTpawn.
Code that allows for ragdoll on death 
For me the code works completely, but the character fell through the floor, and equally as quickly I found that you must add 'Mesh.SetBlockRigidBody(true);' in the ragdoll properties.

Now this is what it looks like when Cecilia gets killed by a cabinet:


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