Monday, 23 April 2012

'Key' Ideas

Here are some ideas that were floating around in my head during Easter for more puzzles and the theme of the maze:

3 Differen Keys for Different Purposes
  • Regular Coloured key (colours will differ to indicate door it matches. Old school)
  • Theme key (for special rooms with context)
  • FINAL key (for the exit)
Also I'm realising now that perhaps the keys don't actually have to be keys, but cryptical objects, I don't know, maybe if you are trying to unlocked a themed room, you must find an object that goes with the theme. Like the typical one would be dolls, a little girl's room full of creepy dolls. Find 3 pieces of a broken doll and you get access to the doll room. Once you walk in, you'll find the reminants of a horror story, something terrible that happened there.


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