Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sound Effects creation

After receiving feedback on my project, it is apparent that my game is heavily based on Audio. I will start looking into Sound mechanics, and what will need considering:
  • Running- creates loud footstep sounds.
  • Walking- moderately quiet, but can still create a lot of noise if standing on broken glass/ creaking floor boards
  • Sneaking- very quiet if not hardly audible, character will be able to move past the monster if sneaking, however if sneaking on broken glass/ creaking floor boards, it is as loud as walking.
  • Items (thrown)- most items in the maze will create loud noises when being thrown at the wall/floor.
  • Items (dropped)- if it is not glass, it should not create as loud a noise.
  • Door slam- some doors will creak, and if closed too quickly will create a lot of noise, the character has a choice to open/close a door quickly or slowly. When being chased closing/opening doors quickly would not matter as much.
  • Traps- The worst sound that can resonate in the maze, when triggered, the character will be notified by the sound of something creaking/breaking above them (if this was a chandelier) to get out of the way. When the trap activates it will create the loudest noise in the game, that will cause the Monster to look in said area. Before the trap is activated however, the player will be given a chance if he/she listens carefully to small clues such as: floor boards creaking heavily/ door shaking slightly as you pull it slowly ('slow open' action can be cancelled if button is let go) etc.
  • Monster- will create a constant sharp metal 'plnk', 'plnk', 'plnk' (metal against clay tiles) in the radius that surrounds the monster. That same radius also stands for the detection. So if the player hears the sounds of the monster's movement, he/she had best run/hide.
  • Ambient sounds- this may be left out depending on what I will find most effective in my game, total silence has proved very effective with building tension.

Creating Sound with Foley Technique
Through some quick research I found some items that I can use to record sound with. I can get all these items from the outdoors or simply pop into a pound shop or hardware store to find the items I need, I can also use home items. This will be recorded in the sound room.

Floorboard creak -various wood panels and metal sheets, rust also helps.
Rusty Door hinge- hinge soaked in water for a day/ old chair /
Swooshing blade- thin stick / arrow
Foot steps- shoes on wooden panel or hard concrete
Metallic noise- metal Ruler (or anything else long and metal) on metal / wood/ ceramic (tin on tin?)
Bone crunching- Frozen Romain Lettuce/ Celery Stick
Debris falling (for traps) - rocks on wood/rocks
Chandelier shake (trap)- a mobile or spoon on glass jars.
Chandelier crash (trap)- metal + glass crashing into floor (although this I may just find a source online, since it is dangerous and a lot of work).
Walking on glass- Tray of glass, heavily gloved hand.

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