Saturday, 29 October 2011

Research into Mechanics

Detection: Sound of Running and Ray Tracing for Line of Sight
Thankfully, I have really helpful classmates. Here Ed shown me a video that could be particularly helpful in figuring out my mechanic. It is a game called Overgrowth and it is in it's Alpha stage- Overgrowth Alpha 123
It explains how they have developed enemy line of sight using ray tracing, and using growing spheres to imitate sound echo.

Tutorial of Adding Sounds to UDK and the Different Types of Sound
I've thankfully found some great video tutorials of how to add sound to a level. This has taught me how to attach a sound file to a moving object.
And more...

3D Buzz UDK Sounds Tutorial Part 4 Ambient Sound Actors 

3D Buzz UDK Sounds Tutorial Part 5 Ambient Sound Actors

3D Buzz UDK Sounds Tutorial Part 6 Ambient Zones

Door open/close Sequence


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