Thursday, 13 October 2011

Brainstorming & Mood Boards


I have trouble organising my ideas, so I made a Brainstorm chart to help me with my thoughts.

Mood Boards

I've collected images ready to help me visualise the game. I know at least that I want to make the monster as scary as possible. And the main character should look like a fairly ordinary girl, who isn't particularly pretty/ugly/special in any kind of way. Her looks have not been decided yet, but I have collected a few faces I would use as reference in the future. These images came from a modelling site and will purely be used as reference.
If you see a face you like, let me know in the comments?

Theme of Environment

I have actually come across many useful blogs and websites that can help me figure out the theme to the game. There is an abandoned hospital/Asylum and a kind of grimy Gothic Victorian look I would love to combine. To keep it colourful yet still hold that feeling of abandonment and rust that old buildings have.

I want to combine dingy, dark, abandonment and at the same time still keep colour.

Here is a mood board showing the closest resembling level plans. They are all too simple and small, my idea was to have a fairly big and complicated building like structure. Some images are taken from gozzys dungeon maps, others are game screenshots and taken from library resources.

I couldn't find mazes that were exactly what I had in mind, but this is a combination of what I'm after
The type of monster I am after, is one that terrifies psychologically. I looked at games like Amnesia, The Void, Silent Hill (series), Resident Evil and obscure art I happened to come across on deviantART.

The pale white skin combined with deep red blood has always been appealing to me in monsters.

Monster movement

For the monster, I was very inspired by a movie called Jacob's ladder- this was also a movie that inspired the creation of Silent Hill the game. What I love most about the monsters are their twitchy movements. This man illustrates the kind of movements I would like to include in my monster animations.


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