Thursday, 20 October 2011

Enemy function & Traps

How the Enemy Detects the Main Character
In the below diagrams, shows the monster's rings of detection. At different points of the ring (indicated by the colour and white line marks) the monster has different levels of sense. The further away, the less it can detect. The blue area on the circle, is the monster's angle of sight. 
This of course does not include walls or obstacles that would be otherwise effecting the monster's line of sight in the Maze.

In the maze, there will be traps placed in seemingly random areas. By this I mean they will be at the same spots each time the game restarts. 

Wherever the main character is in the maze, if she happens to trigger a trap, the trap will make such a loud bang that the monster will know roughly what area she is at. At this point (below scenario) the player would have to run quickly around either corner to prevent herself from being seen.


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