Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cecilia WIP 05- Creating Normals... is HELL

I had little to no trouble with Zbrush until today when I finally decided I'd like to extract the normals (I was planning to paint it afterwards), but the sub-tool, which supposedly splits your model into several objects really backfired at this point. I tried several methods to merge whilst keeping all the sub-divisions I created (1 to 6) in order to create my normals. After a painful 4 hours of just looking everywhere for the right solution I found out that a plugin called Multi Map Exporter was already about to help you export several objects in one map, it even helps export the mesh for you. 
Then another two problems cropped up, one that's seemingly more annoying than the other- is that there are two obvious lines striking through my normals, I checked the normals of these objects individually and to my dismay it happens no matter what, it's as if that area on the mesh (or on the map) is forever doomed to have those lines, when there is nothing obviously wrong with my UVs.

Second problem: the left part of my bow apparently has no UVs.... and therefore the normal map exporter skips it. Just take a look and compare the two, you'll see there's clearly UVs missing...

 Of course it's not the end of the world, and if it comes to it, I'll just have to deal with the fact that there are normals missing (and I'll have to do something about it in Photoshop). My only worry now is that poly painting in Zbrush will give me something similar...

Strikeout in dress mesh pretty obvious

Strikeout through the right side of the body (our right)


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