Saturday, 4 February 2012

Camera Improvement, Scaleforming & Post Processing

In the end- with great results- I decided to opt for the second thread I had found about setting up orbital cameras in UDK. It is very good and provides exactly what I needed without taking away any code I may have the opportunity to use in future (aka extending from classes UTpawn and UTPlayerControllers). At the same time the jagged rotations of the character are solved by a user who replied on the same thread:


Other Scaleform links:

Scaleform & UDK: A Simple Menu by VoxHouseStudios 

From the link provided I learned how to make a very basic menu with a play button. So far when I play the UDK executable, it will only load my game when I type in the console 'open HorrorMaze01', it has also been set to load 'dm-deck' (which is the default DeathMatch map) in kismet. I'm trying to figure out how it can be set to load my map by default, but this will be for another evening. For later reference, I also found from VoxHouseStudio that there is a pretty useful video about post-proecessing anti-aliasing for the udk game.

UDK Anti-alias (Post Process chain How-to Guide)


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