Monday, 6 February 2012

Cecilia WIP 04

I decided to retapologise the ears, by simply shaping single-face polys over easy reference found on google.

Cecilia's UV map

Just to recap the design of Cecilia, there were a few things I had to change. Mainly the bow on the back.
This is the character sheet I also submitted to Blitz.

Finally got her into Zbrush after hours of tweaking and uv unwrapping. So far she is in the second sub-devision. This came about slowly as I tried to re-learn Zbrush's UI and little tricks like 'SubTool', 'Auto Polygroup' and even simply rendering it was trouble. Pain for beauty...

 Work in progress: and then a Chair....... yeah, it will look better soon.
In the middle of modelling items


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