Saturday, 5 November 2011

Project Folder Setup

As most classmates will know I've had a real hard time trying to get a proper working Project folder- with set up that would allow me to edit and change script files. The solution I found was from a former student who created a Tutorial just to meet my level of beginner.
Henrik Claudelin's Tutorials

I have only just begun, so my Source folder is still quite empty:

Unfortunately after setting up folders, I found an error, that would prevent my 'CustomGame' gameplay to show up in the 'World Properties' of UDK editor. So my previous block out will have to be scrapped.

Camera so far...
I am still in the middle of trying to set up the camera, so that the default will be third person. Instead of working from scratch, I will just 'extend' my scripts from the existing UTGame script files, since most properties needed in the 'Pawn' and 'PlayerController' are already there.

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