Thursday, 12 January 2012

Changes: Spawning Mechanics

First VIVA

I received some critical feedback after presenting my first Viva. It was basically a pitch for my game (though a lot more informative for educational purposes). One large flaw in my original spawning mechanic was addressed: Every time the spawn point was different, how could the player possibly work their way through a maze without knowing where to go? Each time they find their way there is always the possibility that they will get killed, thus having to start again- being totally lost, again. 

Answer to the Problem
Instead of throwing the player into more confusion from their first or several deaths, it would be better to give them some kind of chance by aiding them with finding the exit. As the player spawns, so will a set of clues to help lead the player in the right direction. The below diagram is an overly simplified version of how the clues would be laid out.

Of course this should only aid the player, not help solve the puzzles, so even if the way is better lead, the player will still have to venture around to find the key(s) and answers to the puzzles.

What are the Clues?
The Clues will be bits of journal notes left in certain areas that will give small riddles as to which way to go.
What will be a secondary and more consistent clue, will be trails of blood that also come in contact with the notes. The source is unknown to the player but will become obvious over time that it leads to the destinations. Blood smeared doors, locks, puzzle areas are a theme in the first maze.


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