Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Monster Concepts- A Variety

I finished my monster concepts. These are all different kinds I would originally use if the game were bigger and I had more time to complete it. However for this project it will just be possible designs of the one monster I hope to have running around, noisy enough for the player to come.


Mechanical Monstrosity - This one is very similar to the one I've chosen to test with. Instead, this one travels on wheel. It is meant to be a weird mixture of supernature, mechanical and organic. It navigates and balances with it's arms, dragging the rest of itself with the wheel. The wheel would make squeaky noises as it rolls about.

Asylum Nut - probably the least interesting. It was inspired by the Amnesia Grunts, human like and somewhat deranged, it would walk and moan very much like the Amnesia monsters.

'The Lady' - is most interesting to me, since I imagine her having a bit of a psychotic fit now and then when she is alone. Like walking up to a mirror and inspecting it, eventually shaking with giggles as she applies lipstick... stuff like that. The noise would come from her rather unfriendly looking barbwire dress. You can tell that she looks much nicer when she's not aggressive...

Crawler Baby - This one is pretty cool, my boyfriend came up with an interesting action for it. It would split in two, having a shadow that moves independently, therefore it would become two identities. The shadow version can only attack in light, which brings a nice twist. The face is partially skull, and its face becomes morbid when it attacks- with a massive tongue that can wrap itself around the victim (sounds a lot like that resident evil crawler type monster...). It crawls around on the floor (the shadow can crawl on walls also)

Creepy babies YES! This was from a pretty creepy video on youtube I used to help develop one of the monster designs: I am your grandma


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