Sunday, 6 May 2012

Emerald Round table

Took a day to model/texture this. It's odd that Maya's transparency map is the inverse of what you would use in UDK's material editor. Another annoyance I'm trying to overcome is rendering the normals with the diffuse in Maya, at least you can see how it looks in the UDK screenshots.

There is a random hard edge problem I get when I import from Maya to UDK, and it always happens, even though I tick the option 'Smoothing Groups' in the FBX exporter, and tick 'Import Tangents' when importing it to UDK.

Problem solved when you don't use the 'Triangulate' option in the FBX exporter- it's weird, but I guess the only way to avoid random hard edges is to triangulate your model before exporting.


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